Content is the driving force on your website. Getting your content right is crucial to having an effective website both in terms of marketing but also to provide your visitors with value for taking to the time to access your site.

There are many other articles on this site about keywords, search engines and marketing, but the fundamental truth is that you wanted a website for a reason.

Why did you want the website in  the first place? To sell? to advertise? to make money? to advise? to inform?

The fact of the matter is that in order for any site to be effective it has to give.

Content is what you would use in order to provide that which your site is giving. It is the words, the framework the imagery and the sole purpose of your websites existence.

It is also the reason for the search engines to bother to review your site. The more interesting and open your content is then the more successful it will become. Ultimately what you are trying to do is get visitors to your site – not search engines.

Search engines have had years of tricks and techniques by search engine marketing people who figure out how the search engines automatically place sites and then over emphasise an aspect of that methodology to achieve high rankings within those search engines.

At the end of the day – if you are looking for a dog grooming parlour or a local vet, you do not want to find the first two pages of your search results taken up by Pet Insurance companies. Up to a few years ago the biggest transgressors for this type of ‘in your face’ marketing was very much down to clever marketing techniques designed to put sites in your line of view that were not wholly relevant to your search.

The search engines responded by making content the key even then. Leading to many SEO companies using their key marketing words like pet, dog, grooming as hidden words on pages (same font, same colour as background) so that the search think that the level of relevancy of the keyword used was very much related to those search terms.

This lead to the search engines ignoring content that was the same colour as backgrounds, forcing the SEO companies to redeploy the keywords and repeating them in the live content. Which then led to the search engines penalising repeated uses of words… and so on.

Consequently search engines like Google and Yahoo have to constantly change their techniques to ensure that their results are relevant and accurate.

So now it is finally getting to the point that if you want to have a highly placed website with any of the searchyou have to have good relevant content that clearly establishes what you are, what you do and how you achieve it.

  • Make your site clear
  • Give your visitors more than they need and all they could ask for
  • Provide something that others would like
  • Make your site a valuable resource
  • Maintain it regularly

There is no need to resort to tricks to ensure good search engine positioning. Honesty and clarity are all everyone has ever wanted.

Your content reflects what you do and retrospectively confirms to the search engines what you do. So make your content relevant, tell visitors less about who you are and more about what you do.

Like the Kevin Costner film said – ‘build it and they will come’

This page has been optimised to reflect the word content. It’s is not a big search term but it will hopefully demonstrate how a word can be built into a website to reflect the ‘what I do’ element.

The other aspect to having good content is also that were you to provide knowledge, information or images that no others could or would because you are a specialist then more people are likely to reference your site as a source of information, increasing your importance within the online community and thereby increasing your Google page rank.

So giving a little actually gets you quite a lot.