Desperate for the right content

Like most businesses it is easy to find photos, but how do you access good quality images to put on your website without paying a fortune to stock photo companies.

Well there are a number of cheaper stock photo alternatives that may be worth exploring, including Dreamstime which is user submitted and Shutterstock that provides very high quality images for pack prices.

Or you could use content providers such as Houzz who allow you embed their imagery content into your site with full rights as you include a link back.

Why not take things further and consider providing other with access to your own images (especially if you are an amateur photographer) and earn a little money on the side?

Ambulance chasers or saints

Ambulance Chasers or Saints

Whatever your opinion, the last thing anyone wants when struggling to cope with injury after a major or even minor accident is to be bombarded with constant text messages and phone calls from people who claim they can help you gain loads of cash as a direct result of your unfortunate incident.

So what are the real issues here?
How do bonafide injury claims specialist contact potential customers if not through aggressive pro-active marketing techniques and spamming?
Are we wrong to deny that at a time of upset we could genuinely do with qualified help?

There is no doubt that if you were unfortunate enough to suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence you would want to know that financial help and assistance would be available to you. Indeed the financial boost might be exactly what you need to cope better and get you back on the road to recovery sooner, but how soon is too soon?

Straight after an accident? Before an accident?

If we are already in the know that this help is easily accessible and thanks to many news stories on the subject we all know that this is the case, then why would we need to be contacted at all by a third party who is clearly seeking to profit from your misfortune?

Answer: We don’t.

But when the worse case scenario does strike, who do we call?

Nowadays, we are all sensible and adult enough to know that pretty much anything can be found on the internet, so when the worse happens it is sensible and feasible for any one of us to carry out a simple search for a reputable local injury claims specialist and preferably one registered with a reputable association or governing body.

And yet the texts keep coming and the emails and adverts still keep hassling us. What I find is helpful about these people is that if they contact me after or before any accident then thank you for helping me avoid your company like the plague. Although I have little doubt that you would try and squeeze as much money from the responsible party as possible, I would have to question the ethics of such tactics in the same way that I question the ethics of charity bullies who virtually mug you in the street and then make your life miserable by demanding more and more money by playing on your emotions.

Surely, there are rational and sensible alternatives to all this. The fact is, not all injury claim companies are like this and many offer arms help and information for you to make more informed decision. Girlings Personal Injury have created a Medical Negligence Frequently Asked Questions page which is concise, direct, factual and does not try to cudgel you into choosing them through spam or bullying tactics. They are covered by a regulating body and their website inviting rather than coercing.

We have all seen the TV ads with actors pretending to be lawyers telling you how you can milk the system. How refreshing it is to find there are companies out there who genuinely want to help you for your sake than their own, who are prepared to lose you to a competitor but send you away with the best advice rather than the best fabricated case.

Ambulance chasers or saints, I know which one I would go to.

disability changes

Disability Living Allowance – What to Expect

Disability Living Allowance is a payment from the Government which is available to help with extra costs brought on by being disabled or if you are suffering with a long term illness. It is to help you with any extra costs that you may have due to being disabled. You do not have to have contributed to National Insurance or tax in order to qualify and you will not be expected to pay tax on what you receive.

Recently, Disability Living Allowance (DLA) has been replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for those who are new claimants of this benefit are under the age of 65. As part of the change to PIP, the Department of Work and Pensions is intending to reassess claimants for PIP between now and 2018. If you were under 65 on 8 April 2013, then you will be reassessed. Those who were born either before or after 8 April 1948 are still eligible to receive DLA as long as you are still in need of care or mobility help.

The amount that you can receive is between £21.80 and £139.75 per week depending on how much support you need for your condition. The amount awarded to you will be dependent on how your condition affects you, rather than what your condition is. If your circumstances change, then you will need to contact the Disability Benefits helpline on 0345 712 3456.

If you are not expected to live more than 6 months due to a terminal illness, you will be entitled to receive the enhanced daily living component of Disability Living Allowance benefit.

You might want to use this online benefits calculator to understand whether you are entitled to any other benefits. Any benefits which you receive will be paid into an account such as your bank account.

You should look at whether there are any additional extenuating circumstances that can help you, for instance if the cause of your disability was not your fault then you should contact a personal injury claims specialist to discuss the possibility of investigation if any reparation is possible under law.

Girlings Personal Injury Specialist, Jonathan Pidduck says; ‘There are many cases where disability occurs over time as a result of external factors, in those cases it is too easy for people to simply accept that there is nothing they can do and no one else is to blame. We can advise people with disabilities if there is any possibility of recourse and compensation, which will help them to improve their living standards and make their disability a little more bearable.’

Details of how to contact Girlings can be found on their website, who operate a ‘no win, no fee’ service and are approved claims solicitors who are also registered with APIL and regulated by the Law Society.

Have you Spotfluxed yet!?

Internet security is a contentious issue at the best of times and none more so than currently, when so many people want to access your personal and confidential materials for nefarious purposes.

It goes without saying that while social media can benefit even the smallest of businesses, it also represents a bigger security threat.

Recently Twitter was hacked and 250,000 user accounts were compromised, or at least the official line is that only 250,000 accounts were compromised. In actuality the figure only represents those accounts that have been identified as having been compromised.

The simple truth is that modern technology is designed to make life considerably easier and easier for us to use and provides greater connectivity and integration than ever before and the cost for this is reduced security.

How many sites do you use that simply plug into your Google, Facebook or Twitter account to login and register?

So if anyone suddenly had backend access to your social media site details that means they also have full access to related sites and personal details.

The other appalling aspect of this is that many users tend to stick with the one password combination and never change, so long term hacking is extremely easy to achieve.

A username/password hacked over two years ago would probably still be accessible.

So what is the answer.

Bearing in mind we like life to be simple, you could use any number of products to better secure your online experience. Dashlane for instance will store and strengthen your passwords for you and can even cloud store your access login’s in case of hard drive failure. The only thing you need to be sure of is that you don’t lose the Dashlane login detail!

The other option is to properly secure the internet. Spotflux is a free to use security bolt-on that masks your online identity without compromising your internet usage. It means that even if you access a site that has been compromised, it will not allow malicious code to penetrate your Spotflux security and your Anti-Virus/Firewalls.

This extra level of security means that even if something nasty got past the gate the hacker would have no idea where and who you are while you deal with the infection.

For simplest security you should consider keeping a notebook of passwords and changing them regularly. It may sound like daft security, but most thieves will steal a computer and hackers will steal data, but rarely would they be able to steal both.

As for your notebook, keep it secure and hidden when not in use. As the old saying goes, if you want to hide a tree, put it in a forest.

Internet Marketing UK

Research Mode is the key delivery arm of Mode Solutions. Our main service provision is as Internet Marketing UK Consultants.

Our Primary and Core Service is Internet Marketing throughout the UK.

With over 12 years of experience in this field we know we can make a significant and sustainable impact for our Internet and Web Marketing clients.

Investing in a web site is more than just investing money.  The principle reason that people visit your web site is because of what you put on it.  They are on your site to read about what you do or sell.

When we say an invested web site is a successful web site, we are not necessarily talking about the monetary aspect.  The main cost is time.

Internet Marketing in the UK is vibrant and complex with many websites failing to make an impression because of very basic errors. Marketing, whether it be on the internet or even offline is crucial to the success of any business, possbily more so in the UK because of the diverse nature and strong competition at local levels.

90% of internet marketing is research and analysis.  You need to know who your customers are, what they are looking for and how they are going to find you.

We specialise in carrying out market research for you and presenting the information in an easy to understand format so that you can develop your web site for maximum impact and return.

We offer a whole range of internet marketing options for UK based clients.

Market research takes many forms, but the old saying that “Content is King” is never truer than on the Internet.  Our range of Internet Marketing services specialise in interpreting the marketing data, reviewing the site content, analysing your customers and developing the right content to maximise the success of your web site.

For more details of our Internet Marketing UK services and costs, please take time to review the pages on this web site.

To improve the opportunities for our clients in the UK we have developed a revolutionary Internet Marketing UK System that is designed to work in 90% of all online buiness. The Internet Marketing System is a two stage process that works form the basic level to get the sites found and then at the advanced stage to improve targeted results.

We have very quickly identified the key elements that need to be covered to effectively market an internet presence in the UK.

Internet Marketing UK System