Ambulance chasers or saints

Ambulance Chasers or Saints

Whatever your opinion, the last thing anyone wants when struggling to cope with injury after a major or even minor accident is to be bombarded with constant text messages and phone calls from people who claim they can help you gain loads of cash as a direct result of your unfortunate incident.

So what are the real issues here?
How do bonafide injury claims specialist contact potential customers if not through aggressive pro-active marketing techniques and spamming?
Are we wrong to deny that at a time of upset we could genuinely do with qualified help?

There is no doubt that if you were unfortunate enough to suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence you would want to know that financial help and assistance would be available to you. Indeed the financial boost might be exactly what you need to cope better and get you back on the road to recovery sooner, but how soon is too soon?

Straight after an accident? Before an accident?

If we are already in the know that this help is easily accessible and thanks to many news stories on the subject we all know that this is the case, then why would we need to be contacted at all by a third party who is clearly seeking to profit from your misfortune?

Answer: We don’t.

But when the worse case scenario does strike, who do we call?

Nowadays, we are all sensible and adult enough to know that pretty much anything can be found on the internet, so when the worse happens it is sensible and feasible for any one of us to carry out a simple search for a reputable local injury claims specialist and preferably one registered with a reputable association or governing body.

And yet the texts keep coming and the emails and adverts still keep hassling us. What I find is helpful about these people is that if they contact me after or before any accident then thank you for helping me avoid your company like the plague. Although I have little doubt that you would try and squeeze as much money from the responsible party as possible, I would have to question the ethics of such tactics in the same way that I question the ethics of charity bullies who virtually mug you in the street and then make your life miserable by demanding more and more money by playing on your emotions.

Surely, there are rational and sensible alternatives to all this. The fact is, not all injury claim companies are like this and many offer arms help and information for you to make more informed decision. Girlings Personal Injury have created a Medical Negligence Frequently Asked Questions page which is concise, direct, factual and does not try to cudgel you into choosing them through spam or bullying tactics. They are covered by a regulating body and their website inviting rather than coercing.

We have all seen the TV ads with actors pretending to be lawyers telling you how you can milk the system. How refreshing it is to find there are companies out there who genuinely want to help you for your sake than their own, who are prepared to lose you to a competitor but send you away with the best advice rather than the best fabricated case.

Ambulance chasers or saints, I know which one I would go to.