How is it possible to get noticed?

Having spent £300 and a week of time promoting a website for the term conservatory film, including everything from on site advertising, forum posts to Google adwords. The simple fact remains that the best promotion is word of mouth and announcements.

Twitter is a useful gimmick used for social commentary but in terms of marketing it is a poor substitute for well formed content, complimentary links and targeted wording.

The fact is that those who have the time to spend and get the most out of Twitter rarely are the type of individuals who would be potential customers. The nature of its construction also means that the backlinks created on Twitter are either hidden behind a membership requirement or are shortened for practical purposes which provides no search engine benefit for the link.

So, the Conservatory Film supplier UVShield is better to use Twitter purely for the purpose of creating followers and a network of potential customers by word of mouth.

So do you know anyone who can make our conservatory cooler? I know of a company called UVShield who supply conservatory film that reduces the heat by 40%! They mentioned on Twitter just last week!

As with your website, it is not what you say but how you say it and to as many people as possible.