Elements of web marketing

I have been asked a number of times what thinsg do I need to do to market my website and attract good traffic to my site.

The answer is simpler than you might think. Simply create a website that does what you want, that clearly tells visitors what you do and sell.

Information rich unique content sites have the greatest chances of achieving success online.

Although here is a list of some of the primary elements that we look at on our client sites:

Elements in web marketing

  1. The number of good sites that link to you
  2. Age of site
  3. Speed of loading
  4. Accessibility compliance
  5. Content, content, content 
    •  Unique Content
    •  Keyword content
    •  Relevant Content
  6. Keyword density
  7. Links  
    •  Internal Links
    •  Keyword Links
    •  External Links
    •  External Keyword Links
  8. Images
    • Compliant images
    • Keyword relevancy
    • Descriptions
  9. Clear HTML coding
  10. Meta Tags
  11. Meta Descriptions
  12. Site maps
    •  Google sitemap
  13. Frequency of change
  14. Etags
  15. Security
  16. Use of header codes i.e. h1, h2 etc
  17. Emphasised text
  18. Site Title
  19. Page Titles
  20. Page size
  21. Avoid or reduce the number of:
    •  HTML Controls
    • Use of scripts
    • No follow robot.txts
    • Stop Words
    • Meta Refresh
  22. Placing of keywords
  23. Themes
  24. Product titles
  25. Service titles
  26. CSS Coding
  27. DMOZ Listing
  28. Traffic ranking
  29. Social bookmarking
  30. Clarity and purpose
  31. Clear Navigation
  32. Avoid Spamming, link farms or tricks
  33. Consider site variations
    •  Mobile/WAP
    •  Text only
    •  Visual
  34. Use Google tools
    •  Site map
    •  Analytics
    •  Experiment
    •  Maps
  35. Pay per click
  36. Google Ads
  37. Third party advertising
  38. Site verification
  39. Affiliate schemes
  40. Use static text links
  41. Avoid over use of Flash
  42. Hosting servers – if modified instructions
  43. XML Feeds - out


    1. Bear in mind that your website is there for a reason, think of the visitors first

    2. DO NOT write content solely for search engines

    Clear relevant content that provides a quality website for visitors that is both informative and effective is the best route to online success.

    NOTE: There are NO quick Search Engine Marketing solutions.

    IF anyone claims that they can get you listed on the first page of Google within 3 months should be treated with extreme caution.

    Mode Solutions operate a REPORT policy for those sites and web managers who abuse the spirit of the online community. If we find your site using practices that are unfair or considered an improper use of technology we will report the site to the search engines concerned.




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