Thoughts about PPC

Click Through Rate: Two things to consider –

1.       The lower the CTR the more you have to pay per click in bids to achieve a good position. A good ad improves your CTR and lowers your costs.

2.       An acceptable CTR is between 2-4% anything over that is very good, anything over 8% is excellent. Less than 2% is inefficient.


Ad content:


The real key to keeping costs down and managing a successful campaign is effective ad content.


For instance an ad that claims ‘Railway Sleepers cheap prices or budget prices’ and the railway sleepers are neither cheap nor budget is a waste of an ad.


Current browser technology means that users can have multiple tabs or windows open at once and it is common for users to ‘open as new tab’ a variety of sites in any one search, which lays bare a comparison of prices and products.




Also click to landing page is very relevant, an ad detailing garden fencing products for the London region that lands on a generic page is inefficient, it is like a customer in a shop going to customer services asking where the lamp department is and being shown the store front door and store guide, where if you take them directly to the department it is more helpful and more conducive to purchasing.


Last point - switch off words.


There are now accepted ‘switch off’ words that have little or no affect on users, these are cheap, budget, low prices and similar. Because the internet is now hugely competitive it is expected that your prices will be competitive, what people are more drawn to is obvious specialism. Over 2,000 varieties, specialist widgets, garden fence expert, free delivery, helpful service, try before you buy are all ‘switch on’ words/phrases.

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