The Best SEO tool?

It's a constantly changing landscape, full of rolling hills and diving dales. One SEO tool comes out thta makes you go WOW!!! and within a few short months (or years) it is superceded by someone elses programme that does the same thing but adds an extra dimension. You can now have a bell go ding when someone clicks a link, you can set goals, now you can have a goal that goes ding when it is is reached. Now you can have a goal that is also a target with an arrow that shoots into the centre for a first class goal or off to the side for a near miss....with a ding.

The simple fact is, there are loads of tools out there, WebSEO, WEBMonkey, NinjaSEO, GoingUp, GoingDown, GoingSideays, GoingOnForever, Longtail, Fantail, BigTail, UpYourOwnTail, SEOMOZ, SEOMiss, SEOmaybe......

So which one is best? 

There are two requirements for home internet marketing. Research, Analytics and planning.

That's it. Anything else is really just a 'ding'.

Research gives you the starting point, then you can use the analytics to track your progress and the rest is calendar entries and communication.

Keyword Research

It helps to have a predefined goal, so research is important. Identifying the keywords to market towards is obviously very important. There is little point marketing towards 'Footballing Fish' if people are searching for 'Soccer Fish' (I am not even sure if anyone would want to search for such a term, but well done to you if you just did). Obvious tools to enable this are GoogleAdwords, BingAds, SEOreviewtools, Semrush, Webceo(not so good UK), Longtail to name a few, personally my favourites are Google and Longtail for the weighting information.


You can't beat Google analytics in my opinion. However there are some great alternatives, PIWIK and Clicky provide some really good easy to understand terms and graphics, but are not as in depth (which for some people can be an advantage) Many analytics programs or services can be extremely expensive so it is worth bearing in mind what information is important to you, especially as things like Domain Weighting, Pagerank and other useful information are as readily available or in shortened form on free to access sites like seoreviewtools, semrush and google webmaster tools. If you have a number of sites to follow you start looking towards costly options and few come as costly as SEOMOZ or MOZ as it is now.

Don't get me wrong MOZ is an excellent tool, but for site owners it is a pricey option (although I am certain they will disagree) for what is essentially a nicely presented SEO pro layout.

Google analytics knocks the competition into a hat with a nice and fetching feather on the brim. It has all the information you could need and the metrics are helpful and accurate. But...............for novices and occasional users it is made unnecessarily complex, over stuffed with industry terms and blue collar sky thrashing parking the boat into the car park to centralise divergent streams of consciousness managment blurg!

There is simply no need for it.


For this you will need my favourite IT tools. A pen and paper. If you are using more tools than these then I would like to tell you about a million pound deal I have arranged with a dictator in hiding...........



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