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Thanet Web Week 5

Few more popularity additions to add. Having received some entries for the Photography competition we are now in a position to start submitting the site to online competition sites. This will have the beenfit of enabling us to secure some additonal links in to the site from external sites increasing the websites importance as viewed by the search engines.

In additon the new add-on of a portfolio section helps to promote the site by demonstarting the high qaulity of webiste design and development work that we can offer.

The two addtions will also convince the visiting search engine robots that this is a live and vibrant site that makes a great number of ongoing changes and is worth re-visiting to see what's new on a regular basis.

The lack of me doing anything last week has damaged the sites positioning but that will change very soon as we add new content throughout the week.

The number of Links and NEW Visits has increased, as has the number of visits and the bounce rate is starting to decrease, which is what we want.

Google Links 214
Yahoo Links 43
Bing Links 1
Pagerank 0
Primary keyword position -Google
No of monthly visits 41
Percentage of NEW visits
Bounce rate

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Thanet Web Week 4

Time, tide and a bank holiday put paid to any real attempt at marketing the site this week.

One element that was improved was to look at local search engine services and register with a few to get listed. But as this takes some time to achieve the results for that work won't be readily apparent for sometime yet.

Google Links 194
Yahoo Links 0
Bing Links 1
Pagerank 0
Primary keyword position -Google
No of monthly visits 39
Percentage of NEW visits
Bounce rate

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Thanet Web Week 3

The site is now registered with the main search engines. Primarily under Google it is listed under and for Yahoo it is listed under

Eventually all variations of the site with ot without the www will be included. The next stage is to start making finite changes to the targeting of the site.

The primary keywords at present do not give us the best coverage for a marketable website, so we are going to look at more relevant keywords this week and see how they will apply into the content of the site and at the same time work from a user perspective.

What we don't want to do is to dilute the efficacy of the site by drowning it in content or keywords.

Our Primary Keyword of Thanet Web Design has at last got us at least on the front page of Google, at position 10.

Using the Suggestion Tool provided by Google (See the top of this site) we can carry out a quick analysis as to how much traffic we can realistically expect:

The term 'Thanet Web Design' receives the highest searches per month for the local service at 170 searches per month. Following close behind is 'Web Design Margate' at 140 per month. So we will want to market towards that keyword as well.

We have added an extra row on our table to include 'Bounce rate'. This is so we can see how effective or ineffective the site is at catching traffic. One of the elements that you have to remember with any new site is that you will be going on and off the site a lot and so this figure will be skewed for a while, but it is an important element if you want to ensure that the traffic you attract get something of value from the site.

It is important to have some perspective about this. Don't forget it is a new site that has actually only been live online for 3 weeks, the content has yet to be improved and we have only undertaken the very basic marketing steps at this stage.

Google Links 209
Yahoo Links 33
Bing Links 1
Pagerank 0
Primary keyword position -Google
No of monthly visits 28
Percentage of NEW visits
Bounce rate

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