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Transparency in marketing is the key to our success.

Our online marketing techniques are valid 'white hat', which means we play strictly by the guidelines and utilise our skills and knowledge to achieve the best and fastest results. More importantly it is the ongoing strategy of web sites that will either sink or raise any website in terms of popularity and traffic flow.

One of the biggest considerations is for how long do you market a website and how long therefore can a case study be.

There is no quick answer to that, the whole success of any marketing strategy depends on its longevity. Many companies rarely budget for ongoing marketing and development work to be carried out on their sites. They look for the 'quick fix' and the simplest most cost effective solutions to get themselves noticed, when the actual method of achieving visibility is simply - give people a good site!

We have compiled a number of 'Live case studies' over the years which display the different methods which were acceptable back when Google liked you if you had loads of links back and little content. Now, it is ALL about the content AND the QUALITY of the link backs.

The live case studies are live no more - and are now archived. Many clients mistakenly think that having achieved a good position, 'that's it, no need to do more!' which of course is mistaken.

So what we will do now, is continue with the live studies....but drop the 'live', especially as once the client perceives an end to value, most cease paying for the service and so the work stops and the site drops.

But we do have some exciting new case studies which we are commencing this week. A personal injury claims solicitors, who is looking to increase their organic stakes and achieve something other than page 8 listing against some extremely competitive blue chip organisations and highly paid SEO experts. (should be fun)

And a lovely little link wheel of timber industry sites that are looking to grow as a timber community through a variety of methods and complimentary links allowing them to compete with the big UK retail chains.





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