Level 1 Optimisation


This optimisation process is a second stage higher level optimisation than is carried out as standard with any
new website solution developed and provided by Mode Solutions.

For a Mode Solutions website the first stage is included within the development process and includes, Search
Engine friendly URLS, Base Meta description, base meta keys, basic keyword review and application on home
page through titling, submission to Yahoo, Google and Bing.

If purchased separately this will cost - £185.00

Level 1 Optimisation (2nd Stage) - £450.00


  • Inclusion of SEF (Search Engine Friendly) components
  • Google Webmaster verification and sitemap submission
  • Site wide keyword analysis incorporating competition review
  • Page titling and menu optimisation
  • Google Analytics monitoring and SEM, GUP analysis and monitoring
  • Content page recommendations, alterations and revisions based on keyword targeting
  • Single keyword/phrase site review and enablement

The second stage of the optimisation process takes the ‘getting found’ process onto a full marketing footing by
letting the search engines know what the site does and how it should be referred to in search references.

The full Level 1 optimisation package will get your site found under at least one primary keyword and achieve
reasonable natural positioning for other keywords but cannot guarantee top positioning.
It will, however, generate traffic to your site with a usual minimum increase of 80-110%.

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