P - p - p - p pecked by the penguin?

Suddenly dropped off Google? Getting listed on less relevant search terms?

Then you have probably been pecked by the 'Penguin' - Google's new search algorith is targetting sites that use keyword tagging in link building. But not just every site, only selected sites (which I agree seems wholly unfair) in an attempt to penalise those who seek to advance their websites through dilligent marketing techniques, Google in its 'finite' wisdom has decreed that related sites that have link backs are now exploiting search engine laws.

How does this affect you? Well if you are a web designer and wish to have some form of recognition for the work you have created then a link ' website design by.....' back to your site will mean Google knocking you off the search term 'website design'.

This applies to related sites too - so if you have related services that are on an alternative website then Penguin may well have p-p-p-picked it up and then penalised it.

So where does that leave companies that have different arms in different industries. Where as before the common consensus was to have the alternative services listed with a relevant link - i.e. for design agency work go here, or domestic plumbing services for a corporate and domestic plumbing organisation, listed at the bottom of the page in the footer area, Google now considers these as 'black hat' marketing techniques!

So, how do you point people to your other sites? Well, Google believes that it is adequate enough that Google is a sufficient enough resource to do this for you through its search engine.

It's opinon is that links from your site to other sites owned by you should in fact be covered by the 'Robot, No Follow' instruction or it will conisder it an illegal link and contrary to its webmaster guidlines.

Too big for its boots? Very probably, but then we let them get there.

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