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This are common questions that I get asked about the issues surrounding Google PR.

What is Google PR?

Google PR or Page Rank is a mechanism by which Google values your site. In essence it determines how important Google thinks your site is on the internet. A Page Rank of 0 or 1 is extremely low and would be judged to be less than a site on say Google PR 4 or above.

Mostly sites in the top places of the search engine have a PR of 4 or above, that is because Google place the more valuable sites first.

How do I get a High PR?

 You don't GET a high PR, your PR is given to you by Google.

They determine your PR based on a number of criteria including:

  • How many other sites link to you
  • What the PR is of the sites that link to you
  • Your content
  • Your site speed, accessibility, elements etc

A whole host of factors that go to make up their algorithm. The algorithm determines your sites profile and then in turn your PR.


My PR has just dropped, why?

Google evaluates your site intermittently and also changes its algorithms from time to time. So the reason for your high PR being awarded last time may have altered.

It is also true that Google has 'blips' in that your PR can drop off completely, but then re-appear a week later.

Because of some alleged SEO businesses using Black Hat Techniques to try and manufacture positioin, Google is constantly fighting against these techniques so that those users of their service can get cleaner results when carrying out searches. So the algorithms change to counter these tactics.


I have had a low PR for ages, what can I do?

You need to evaluate your site and determine yourself why your site is not achieving good PR. In essence the better the site, the more informative it is and the more useful it is, then the more people will notice it, use it and link to it.

Thus improving your PR


How important is PR?

Surprisingly not as important as people would have you believe.

PR is in itself an indicator to Google and should not be taken as the 'Must Have' for your site.

Many sites have tried so hard to get high PR that they have lost the point as to why they have the web site and who is actually going to be using it.

There are many sites out there with only a Google PR of 2 occupying the number one position in their chosen search phrase. It only really becomes an issue in the more highly competitive marketplaces.

Truth is - the site itself is more important - good site = good position


I have been contacted by a company who have told me they can gaurantee a number 1 position in Google!

If they can do that then it is likely that they will be using 'Black Hat Techniques'. It is likely that they and your site will be found out and as such your site can be banned and disappear off the search engine.

We never guarantee first position on the search engines, because the search engines are constantly changing.

These kind of claims are often a trick to part you with your money. If it looks to good to be true, then it probably is.


How soon before I get my PR?

Google reviews sites all the time and your PR can suddenly appear form nowhere. It is true that the more sites that link to you, the more likely you are to get a better PR - but remember PR is not everything.

If you have a site that makes people want to link to you, then quite frankly PR is irrelevant.


I have made changes to my site and my PR has dropped from 4 to 1?

It is great that you are keeping your site fresh with new content and information, but if you make major changes that affect the overall emphasis of your site then you are not being penalised, but rather you are being re-evaluated.

Are the keywords the same? Is the site doing the same thing? Offering the same level of service etc

Google will need to re-evaluate the site to re-determine your position and importance. In most cases the site re-builds it PR within a few weeks or months after a major change.



For more information about the Google system and technology visit this link


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