Affiliate Marketing Programmes

Affiliate Marketing Programmes are one of the best ways to get started in marketing your online products or services.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliates are in effect your sales force. They own websites like you and have people visiting their sites for a variety of reasons.

As an affiliate they will then have a link back to your site on theirs and will expect to receive a commission for every sale that they have introduced. It is that simple.

Internet Marketing relies very heavily on being recommended by other sites out on the Internet. The more high quality sites that link to you the higher your online profile and so on.

Affiliates give you the opportunity to sign up those sites to link back to you. In return you are paying a commission for the introduction. So a double whammy a sale that you would not have received otherwise and an increase in your online profile rating.

Mode Solutions is creating a new site called Affiliate Mode that gives you, the client, the opportunity to create your own affiliate program online.

We can do it for you, at a higher cost obviously, or alternatively you could do it yourself. We have extensively tested the idevaffiliate program with Joomla and found it to be an ideal way to launch an affiliate program.

Contact us for more details or order it directly here.

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